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Eggplant dish with mozzarella

Eggplant dish with mozzarella

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Basil is among the leading spices in the top of my preferences and I don't think it can go wrong with the combination of basil-mozzarella-red ingredients :). Through high school I really discovered the aroma of basil in the context of bruschettas and at that time I developed a small obsession, about a week or two eating only bruschettas. With tomatoes, cheese, cheese and tomatoes, I twisted them to saturation.

The Alfa publishing house published a very nice book, called the Dumont Dictionary of Spices, so I researched a bit and discovered all sorts of interesting details about basil. For example, we found out that there are over 60 different species of basil, with different flavors that are due to the essential oils it contains. There is Thai basil, Mexican basil, lemon basil, etc.

It is used in salads, vegetable dishes, sauces and is indispensable in Italian cuisine. You will see that this eggplant dish will make you think of a small Italian bistro :).

Originally, the word basil means "royal" and basil, having a number of medicinal uses (sedative role, soothes bloating and stomach pain), was considered a sacred plant in India, used in religious ceremonies. It is said that in this context, Charlemagne brought basil to Europe, as a medicinal plant to be grown in the vegetable gardens of monasteries.

But let's not linger and tell you about the recipe :).